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Top Hispanic Hairstyles For Men

November 17, 2013 By: Hairstyles Category: Men Hairstyle Ideas

Hispanic Hairstyles For Men 6 Top Hispanic Hairstyles For Men

Bruno Mars’ Hispanic Hairstyles For Men

Each racial or ethnic group has a particular type of hairstyle that uniquely suits the natives of that land. Hispanic hairstyles are a perfect examples of such hairstyles. In fact, there are several hairstyles that can just be perfect on Hispanic hair and not any other hair. And here is a short description of such hairstyles:

Short and spiky

If you’ve ever paid any close attention to Hispanic men, then you must probably noticed that most of them have medium length, messy and spiky hair styles. A perfect example is the Hispanic actor — Adam Rodriguez, and the Hispanic soccer star — Carlos Bocanegra. To get this hairstyle, just start by towel-drying your hair after a shower. Once the hair is completely dry, take a light layer of pomade or styling gel in your hands and rub it gently on your hair. Don’t use excessive amounts of the styling gel on your hair — this might actually ruin the look.

Close shave

For a simple but confident look, just go for a close shave. Even though this hairstyle is too simple and can be done from your home, you can still decide to use your barber for a more precise cut. For a visual perception of how this hairstyle actually looks, just borrow a leaf from the Hispanic celebrity, Wilmer Valderrama. This hairstyle doesn’t involve using any kind of hair product.

Long layers

Long layered hairstyles that might perfectly work for Hispanic hair include razor cuts, precision cuts and single length styles. The entire process of getting the hairstyle done is actually simple and at the same time requires less effort. You can confirm this hairstyle by looking at Benicio Del Toro. Unlike short hairstyles, long hair actually requires little amounts of styling products. A little amount of styling cream or gel is enough to style your long hair and set you on the go.


Hispanic Hairstyles For Men Photos


Hispanic Hairstyles For Men 2 683x1024 Top Hispanic Hairstyles For Men

WIlmer Valderrama’s Hispanic Hairstyles For Men


Hispanic Hairstyles For Men 1 Top Hispanic Hairstyles For Men

Hispanic Hairstyles for Men as shown by Benicio Del Toro


Hispanic Hairstyles For Men 4 726x1024 Top Hispanic Hairstyles For Men

Long Spikes Up Front Hispanic Men Hairstyle


Hispanic Hairstyles For Men 7 680x1024 Top Hispanic Hairstyles For Men

Enrique Iglesias Hispanic Hairstyle Ideas For Men


Hispanic Hairstyles For Men 5 686x1024 Top Hispanic Hairstyles For Men

A Medium Length Hispanic Hairstyle For Men


Amazing 80’s Men Hairstyles

November 06, 2013 By: Hairstyles Category: Men Hairstyle Ideas

80s Men Hairstyles 7 Amazing 80s Men Hairstyles

The Mullet Hairstyle was well known for party in the back and business in the front during the 80’s

The best word to use when describing hair styles in the 80’s is “big”. Hairstyles stood out more than anything else. Before seeing the clothes an individual was dressed up in, the hair would be noticed first. That was the time when people were uncontrollable in fashion. This was when they used to try out new things in search of uniqueness. People tested and did all kinds of stuff to be unique and their hair was not an exception. This was a period of curling iron, hair dyes, hair band, and teasing comb. Listed below are some of the most popular 80’s men hairstyles:

Rocker style Mohawk – The hair on the sides is cut short while the long hair in the middle is showered with hair gels and sprays to allow it to stand tall. Those spiky strips can either be dyed or allowed to have the natural hair color.

Mullet hairstyle - This hairdo is long at the back and short at the front and sides. The top can be spiky and the back long enough to reach the neckline. To get this hairdo, men cut their hair short on the top and sides and allow the hair to be longer in the back.

Hair-Band hairstyles - These are curled, bulky and long hairdos. They were very common among the men with the frizzy hair, since all they had to do was to use the gel to comb the curls together and use the dryer to get the bulky look.

Business men hairstyles - The hair on the sides is neat and combed back using a plenty of gel or cream with some volume on the top. These hairdos were worn by the politician and the business white men in the 80s.


80’s Men Hairstyles Photos


80s Men Hairstyles 6 Amazing 80s Men Hairstyles

A 80’s-inspired Modern Men Mullet Hairstyle


80s Men Hairstyles 3 Amazing 80s Men Hairstyles

Picture of Rick Astley 80’s Men Hairstyle


80s Men Hairstyles 2 Amazing 80s Men Hairstyles

80’s Business Men Hairstyles as seen by Michael Douglas in the film “Wall Street” in 1987


80s Men Hairstyles 1 Amazing 80s Men Hairstyles

The 80’s Men Rocker-Style Haircut


80s Men Hairstyles 4 Amazing 80s Men Hairstyles

80’s Hairstyle for Men in Fashion Show 2012


80s Men Hairstyles 5 Amazing 80s Men Hairstyles

A 80’s-inspired Mohawk Men Hairstyle

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