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Clean and Simple Tapered Haircuts For Men

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Men Tapered Haircuts 6 Clean and Simple Tapered Haircuts For Men

A Classic Taper made contemporary with longer sideburns and bangs

For several decades, tapered hairstyles have remained to be one of the most favored hairstyles among many men. In fact, they are the perfect fade for anyone who intends to have a military-type hair-cut. And they will always look clean and simple whether you decide to settle for the traditional forms of these hairstyles, or choose to go for some of its modern trends. On the other hand, their wide variations will always help you to find a tapered haircut that’s perfectly suited with your looks. And in order to help you choose a style that’s well suited for your looks, we have compiled some of these variations for you to read:

The traditional tapered cut

One of the most popular tapered haircuts for men is the one with a tapered-nape-area. Generally, this haircut simply involves matching up the style and length of the taper with the hair at the top. For instance, if you prefer longer hair at the top, then you should make the taper slightly longer to avoid creating a dramatic line where the two lengths meet. Alternatively, those who have a predilection for shorter hair at the top, should consider having a short tapered cut at the back. In short, your primary goal should always involve making the back of your hair proportionate with the top’s length. After the haircut, you can use a pomade or a styling gel to make the top layer spiky for a more trendy look.

Shadow cuts

For military members, or anyone with an irregular hairline, a tapered cut that runs all the way from the top to the back without being squared off will just be perfect on them. Such haircuts are simply referred to as ‘shadow haircuts‘. And they can only be perfect if the taper is kept short–preferably, a quarter inch in length. Alternatively, you can still choose to settle for a tapered haircut where the top doesn’t blend with the back. Such hair cuts are commonly known as ‘skater cuts’ or ‘mushroom cuts‘; and they used to be more popular in the early 90s before they began to fade with the onset of 2000.


Tapered Haircuts For Men Photos


Men Tapered Haircuts 5 Clean and Simple Tapered Haircuts For Men

Men’s Hair Trends for 2013/2014 – Clean Tapered Haircuts


Men Tapered Haircuts 4 Clean and Simple Tapered Haircuts For Men

Half-shaved Tapered Haircut with volume for Men


Men Tapered Haircuts 3 Clean and Simple Tapered Haircuts For Men

Haircuts for Men – Classic Taper


Men Tapered Haircuts 2 Clean and Simple Tapered Haircuts For Men

A Men’s Short Tapered Haircut


Men Tapered Haircuts 7 Clean and Simple Tapered Haircuts For Men

Taper-Fade Haircut Idea – David Beckham


Men Tapered Haircuts 1 300x300 Clean and Simple Tapered Haircuts For Men

Men Classic Hairstyles – Classic Taper

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