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Best Short Haircuts For Modern Men

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Short Haircuts Modern Men 1 Best Short Haircuts For Modern Men

Andy Roddick’s Faux-Hawk Hairstyle

Short haircuts can actually provide both classy and casual look. In fact, you can still have formal short haircuts and be described as neat or well groomed and, at the same time, style the same hair and attain a rough look to become more casual. In addition to that, short haircuts are also more appropriate for anyone with signs of balding, or for any man who, occasionally, doesn’t have enough time to style his hair before leaving the house. So, if you’re looking for the best short haircut for your hair, then don’t visit your barber without reading the rest of this article for more inspiration:

Going bald

Even though most people associate a bald shave with a man who has thinning hair, it’s still an appropriate style for anyone who wants to look great without wasting a lot of time styling his hair. As a matter of facts, this hairstyle is commendable for any man with a well shaped head; or simply, a head that’s free from bumps. The best part is that a bald head will always make you to look younger than your actual age–something that many men will always long for.

The fauxhawk hairstyle

For a modern hair style, you can simply go for the fauxhawk hairstyle, especially if you’re a classic punk-rock fanatic. For this hairstyle, the wearer will prefer to keep the hair that’s surrounding the top of the head short and, at the same time, have the hair at the top of his head slightly longer. Additionally, the hair at the middle can also be spiked up if you intend to have a more contemporary look.

Military crew cut

Military crew cuts, also known as regulation cuts, are one of the most favored short hairstyles among many men. And like the rest of the military cuts, military crew cuts are usually short at the top and even shorter sideways. They are generally cut using electric razors or clippers; and according to most barbers, they are the easiest haircuts to perform.


Best Short Haircuts For Men Photos


Short Haircuts Modern Men 2 Best Short Haircuts For Modern Men

A Short Faux-Hawk Hairstyle for Men 


Short Haircuts Modern Men 3 Best Short Haircuts For Modern Men

Short Haircuts for Modern Men – The Crew Cut


Short Haircuts Modern Men 4 Best Short Haircuts For Modern Men

Gong Yoo’s army military crew cut


Short Haircuts Modern Men 5 Best Short Haircuts For Modern Men

Christian Bale’s shaved head haircut


Short Haircuts Modern Men 6 Best Short Haircuts For Modern Men

The Ubiquitous Bald Beard Hairstyle

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