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2013 Bed Head Hairstyles for Men

April 04, 2013 By: Hairstyles Category: Men Hairstyle Ideas, Men Wavy Hairstyles

men bed head hairstyles4 2013 Bed Head Hairstyles for Men

Women loves a messy version of bed head hairstyle of men


What’s with the recent popularity of Bed Head Hairstyles and Bed Head Looks for MenIf you are a person that seems to have more important things to handle, or consider yourself as a free spirited human being — then the bed hair look might be suitable for you! Hairstyles are an intensely personal thing for men. It gives the appearance of someone having woken up with their hair in a state of disorder. Bed head hairstyles for men present a hotter and a more popular look for young men in their 20s – 30s. This kind of hairstyle was at one time frowned upon due to the slack image it presents. However, everyone has been accepting it once more as celebrities and fashion models bring the bed head look back on stage again. 

There’s a reason men love the bedhead look: its low maintenance. All you need is to comb it back to the side, with a slight part and suddenly you look like Don Draper. That said though, bed head hairstyles for men are not totally painless. One needs to invest in a good styling gel to add depth to the hair. Brushing the ends with a soft hair brush and spraying it to give you that chaotic and shiny look will do you good. And there, you are good to go!


2013 Bed Head Hairstyles for Men Photos


men bed head hairstyles1 2013 Bed Head Hairstyles for Men

A stylized bed head look for men


men bed head hairstyles2 2013 Bed Head Hairstyles for Men

A bed head hairstyle shown by a male model


men bed head hairstyles3 2013 Bed Head Hairstyles for Men

A natural looking men bed head hairstyle


men bed head hairstyles5 2013 Bed Head Hairstyles for Men

A spiky bed head hairstyle for men


men bed head hairstyles6 2013 Bed Head Hairstyles for Men

Hunter Parrish’s shaggy bed-head hairstyle



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