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Caesar Style Haircuts for Men

February 28, 2013 By: Hairstyles Category: Male Celebrity Hairstyles, Men Short Hairstyles, Men Stylish Hairstyles

Caesar Hairstyle1 Caesar Style Haircuts for Men

An Example of a Shaggy Look Caesar Style Haircut


One of the best and classic haircut styles for men that will never go out of fashion will have to be the Caesar Haircut. It gained its first popularity in the 1990′s as music and lifestyle tastes transit to a more indie and minimalism look — but nowadays it has become once again one of the most popular haircuts as seen by Russell Crowe in The Gladiator and George Clooney’s hairstyles. Just a sidenote, the Caesar Haircut got its name from Julius Caesar as images and sculptures of him are frequently shown with this hairstyle of short and straight cut fringe.

I personally think it looks awesome on men of all ages, and its perfect for men who likes to keep a low maintenance of their hairstyles as Caesar Cuts are relatively easy to maintain — simply visit your barber or salon once every 4 to 6 weeks for a trim. For styling, simply set aside 10 minutes before you go out, and you may use Gel Wax or Gel Spray and just push the top of your hair a bit higher to achieve the effect, simple! There are many variations of styling you can do for Caesar Style Haircuts, and we hope you may get some inspirations by looking through some of the photos here! It’s all about experimenting with your hair! :p


Caesar Haircuts for Men

Caesar Hairstyle2 Caesar Style Haircuts for Men

George Clooney with his Caesar Haircut


Caesar Hairstyle5 Caesar Style Haircuts for Men

A Caesar Hairstyle as displayed by a fashion model


Caesar Hairstyle4 Caesar Style Haircuts for Men

A Sexy-Looking Caesar Hairstyle for Teens


Caesar Hairstyle3 Caesar Style Haircuts for Men

A Roman Caesar Style for Men

Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

February 07, 2013 By: Hairstyles Category: Men Stylish Hairstyles

rocking haircut styles1 Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

An Example of a Short Wavy Haircut Style for Men

If you are looking for a rocking hairstyle to kick off your new looks for 2013, then you may find this post helpful in giving you some of the rocking haircut styles that will boost and redefine your whole new image! Basically if you want your hair to stand out, either you would have to aim for layering structures for medium to long hairstyles, or go for a sharp and clean look with short hair. Get your inspirations here, consult with your barber, have them cut the rocking hairstyle you want, and you’re done!

As mentioned, there are many different Haircut styles for men and it is up to you to find the most appropriate one that fits the shape of your face as well as personality. Don’t limit yourself as even though you may be an office worker, but still you can go for a clean rock-style haircut that does not go overboard. The most common style for rocking haircuts for men is the Mohawk Hairstyle. The best thing is that you do not have to have long hair for Mohawk hairstyles since short hair works perfectly fine too. You should just cut short on both sides of your hair above the chin and near the ear areas. You can ask your barber to make your top of your head a bit higher using their cut. A Rocking Haircut Style for men will make a man look thinner as well as being a very good choice for balding men.

Haircut styles for men

Haircut Styles for Black Men Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

A Cool Looking Buzz Hairstyle for Black Men


haircut styles for men 2013 Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

A Medium Shaggy Look Hairstyle for Men 2013


Men Curly Hair Styles Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

An Explosive Medium Curly Hair Style for Men


men haircut styles medium Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

A Casual Medium Straight Hairstyle For Men


Mens Haircut Styles Trend Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

A Mohawk Haircut Styles For Teenagers


popular men haircut Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

Popular Mohawk Men Haircut Style


short haircut styles for men Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

The Casual Short Out-Of-The-Bed Haircut Styles for Men


Very Short Haircut for Men Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

Very Short Buzz Haircut Look for Men

Above is post about Rocking Haircut Styles for Men

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